Neighbour sends sweet note to NHS worker after hearing him wailing to Adele

An NHS worker was touched when his next door neighbour dropped off a sweet note after hearing his teary karaoke session to Adele.

Harry Joe, 25, from Leeds, shared the sweet message from his neighbour on Twitter with the caption: “Do you think my neighbour heard me crying to Adele in the bath? Yes or Yes?”

The note, which has since gone viral, reads: “Hey, I hope this doesn’t come across weird but if you ever want to hang out, give me a knock.

“It would be nice to know someone in the building and I think it would be good for my dog to meet new people too.”

Harry, who is currently based in Aberdeen working as a student operating department practitioner with the NHS, added: “How sweet is that?”

The 25-year-old revealed he was having a soak in the tub on the evening of Monday 3 May when he heard the letter box.

Harry said: “I thought it was going to be a noise complaint at first! But once I read it I was a bit embarrassed.

“But also thought how nice it was, people don’t usually interact in that way anymore, especially in their early 20s.

“Crying to Adele was a semi-joke. I often have a bath with a bottle of wine and a mopey Spotify playlist – but I do love Adele and I’m ready for the new album.”

Up until this point, Harry, who has lived in his flat for a year, said he and his neighbour had only exchanged polite greetings after he moved in around a month ago.

The student ODP responded to the message the following morning by sharing his phone number and the sweet exchange has led to a blossoming friendship.

Harry said: “We’ve never stopped for an actual chat so I think he genuinely wanted to meet his new neighbours.

“We’re going for a coffee and a walk into town today, we’ve messaged a fair bit.”

The neighbour, who has now been revealed to be Bradly, 24, saw Harry’s post go viral and found the whole thing funny.

Harry said: “I had to break it to him that the tweet went viral but he found it funny and said his friends had already seen it but didn’t realise it was him.

“I thought my follower base would find it entertaining but I didn’t think it would go viral – let’s hope the queen of pop Adele sees it!”

The lovely story has received a positive response from Twitter, with nearly everyone saying what a nice thing it was to do and the rest asking to see photos of the dog.

“I think that is a lovely gesture… we call people neighbours but often they are just people we nod at and smile .. this person is reaching out which is what actual neighbours do rather than being ‘someone I live in close proximity to’ could be a friendship waiting to start,” one follower tweeted.

Another replied: “Awh this is really cute!!”

“Awfully sweet indeed,” one Twitter user agreed.

“They have a dog. I’d be there in a flash,” added someone else.

“Fast forward two years to the cuddles on the couch and the dog quite at home by your side,” predicted a fifth Twitter user.