Creepy 30-room mansion covered in mould and left to rot since its owners died

Creepy photos show inside a spooky abandoned thirty-room manor house left to decay after its owners died three years ago.

The walls and ceilings of the manor were covered in black mould as a result of damage to the roof which allowed water to seep in when it rained.

In another, an indoor swimming pool could be seen filled with debris and grime after being left for many years.

One photo from inside the manor showed an ornate-wooden panelled living room complete with a stunning 10-foot-wide stone and cast-iron fireplace.

The photos were taken by urban explorer and chemical exporter Steven Bailey, 40, from Oxford who visited the former fish breeding farm in Oxford in January 2021.

He described the amount of mould in the property as “insane”.

The grand manor was abandoned in 2018 after both of its owners sadly passed away.

The property was converted into a fish breeding farm in 1952, before being refurbished in 2003, once again becoming a private residence.

Steven captured the photos of the once glorious home on a Canon 5dsr.

“The level of mould in this place was insane,” said Steven.

“It was all over the wall and ceiling and furniture and was due to the fact that the roof had a huge leak in it, so water was dripping through and soaking everything.

“Despite this, a lot of the manor was still in a remarkably good condition.

“There were ornate pieces of wooden furniture in most of the rooms and pictures of the previous owners of the house and even their pets in a lot of the rooms.

“The most interesting find was definitely the large and grand fireplace in the living room. That would have been an amazing place to sit and relax in the past.

“It had at least thirty rooms, an indoor pool and a huge pond out in the garden which was amazing to see”

With its owners passing away, the house was left in probate, as legal disputes regarding its ownership dragged on.

In this time, the former home continued to decay, leaving a tough job to anyone looking to restore it to its former glory.