Ravens are optimistic about having a full stadium in 2021

It may be wishful thinking. It may be an effort to speak it into existence. It may be a lucky guess. It may end up being flat wrong.

Regardless, Ravens president Dick Cass explained in a letter to Personal Seat License holders that the team is optimistic that it will host a full stadium of fans in 2021.

“Our preparations for the new season are ongoing, and with continuing progress in vaccinations throughout the nation and in our community, we are optimistic that we will have a full stadium of fans this season,” Cass said, via Daniel Oyefusi of the Baltimore Sun.

Last year, the Ravens had fans for only one game. This year, the number of fans will depend on state and local protocols. Currently, Maryland outdoor venues can host up to 50 percent of full capacity.

Per the Sun, Governor Larry Hogan said Tuesday that he planned to meet with Cass later that day to discuss plans for putting fans in the stadium.

“We’d like to get a full stadium as soon as the season gets back, too, and that’s fully within our plans,” Hogan said. “My plan is to get things back to normal by Memorial Day.”

Hopefully, that’ll begin to happen everywhere. One key ingredient could be for everyone to do what many have done and get vaccinated against COVID-19.

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