Heartbroken husband of murdered PCSO Julia James pleads for help to find killer

In what is believed to be the first time her husband has commented publicly since Julia was killed, he also used the ‘Help us find #justiceforjulia’ frame which many people have adopted on social media to spread awareness of the search for her killer.

On Thursday he commented beneath his picture: “I miss you so much Luvly xxx”

Julia’s son-in-law Chase Coles said more than 8,600 people have changed their profile picture to include the family’s appeal filter and the #justiceforjulia hashtag has been shared thouands of times.

Chase added in a Facebook post: “Huge thank you to Crime Stoppers who are now offering a 10k reward for anyone with crucial information.

“Please, we have to keep sharing all we can! Someone knows something! Julia was taken from us in such a barbaric way. No family should have to endure this.

“We need to find the inhuman and absolute evil person responsible before it happens again! They cannot be allowed to walk amongst us!”

A special ‘Justice for Julia’ Facebook page was also set up on Thursday in an attempt to “Turn Facebook blue for Julia” as a way of keeping her at the front of people’s minds.

Kent Police said on Thursday that detectives were still piecing together the events of the day Julia died – and did not know whether she was randomly attacked.

Assistant Chief Constable Tom Richards revealed police did not have a suspect.

He said: “I do not know the motive of this attack, I do not know if it’s somebody she knew, I do not know if it’s a stranger attack. Of course that possibility is particularly frightening to local residents.

“I don’t know, therefore, if it’s someone who is regularly in the area.”

Chief Constable Alan Pughsley added on Friday morning said investigators aren’t “100 per cent sure” what weapon was used.

Addressing fears the person may have killed before, he told BBC Radio Kent: “To be fair I don’t know. Because we don’t know yet who the killer is – I hope not.

“And we are going to find this person as quickly as we can.”

In a message to the killer, Mr Pughsley urged the person to hand themselves in, adding: “They know that their time will come.

“You will never ever ever completely get away with this.

Police have said Ms James, a married mum-of-two, died from “significant head injuries” as a result of “blunt trauma”.

A £10,000 reward is being offered by Crimestoppers for anonymous information leading to a conviction.