CBD to dark ‘milk’… chill out with these vegan chocolate bars

When I mentioned CBD chocolate a few weeks ago, Iris from Solkiki chocolate decided to send me some more. I honestly don’t know if it’s all in my mind (what does it matter if it is?), but I instantly feel calmer after eating CBD chocolate.

Solkiki, for those of you who don’t know, is a small-scale, highly artisan, vegan chocolate company. I would say that if you’ve just been tempted to come out of the supermarket chocolate aisle, you might want to start off slow with its chocolate because it is something else: highly flavoured (it demands attention, this is not scoffing chocolate) and at times the flavours are totally wild.

The first of its chocolate that I ever tasted was the Elvis, £8.50, which is salty peanut and banana – and I never forgot it.

I’m a big fan of Solkiki’s Marañón range (from £8.50) and its So Woke white with coffee bar is amazing. But this week I tried a ‘spring’ offering: a 65% dark (coconut) milk bar containing salt-pickled sakura blossom and cherry leaf tea (£10). It has a really astringent bite (think green tea) – not for everyone, but it’s also so popular with some that what started off as a special has now become part of the core range.

The CBD bars come in concentrations of 77mg of CBD, £12.50, or 33mg, £10.50, both called Gran Nativo and both in 63% dark ‘milk’ versions. The chocolate is sublime: fruity, bright, flavourful and the CBD is a little extra bonus.