Alejandro Villanueva: New playbook bigger transition than position switch

Alejandro Villanueva will be switching positions after signing with the Ravens this week, but moving from left tackle to right tackle isn’t his biggest concern.

Villanueva spoke to reporters on Wednesday about moving from the Steelers to their divisional rivals in Baltimore and said the difference between the teams’ offensive styles is going to be his biggest focus. Villanueva said he’s used to lining up in a two-point stance and pass blocking a lot more than he expects to be with the Ravens.

“I think the transition’s more into the playbook of the Ravens than it is going to be from left tackle into right tackle because so many of the plays are so different. . . . This playbook is a lot more what I used to do in college,” Villanueva said. “It doesn’t matter if you put your right, left hand down. You’re probably going to be firing off the ball, get good angles. For me, that’s the transition I want to get back into. The left or right tackle is not as important because we’re hopefully not going to be throwing the ball 800 times a season.”

If Villanueva makes a smooth transition, he’ll be able to help his old team’s bid to finish ahead of his former team in the AFC North this year.