Learning for Life Center: A process to Human Rights Education and Empowerment

“TREE tries to meet the needs of the children, but definitely it is the children’s decision on how it can meet.” Such was the quote of the TREE team as there was a presentation at a local education institute Gakulnagar School in Savar area on the initiatives of the TREE with children.

The program was initiated on September 2005. This message affirmed an overall orientation of the project, to support the autonomy and choice of the children in the process of promoting democratic culture in the community. The project was developed under the guidance of teachers, community leaders and respective guardians of the children. It was initiated to help alleviate what was perceived to be a widespread condition of either ignorance or confusion over the content and meaning of human rights in Bangladesh. The core of the project entails development and piloting, as well as infusion of human rights education. The community, teachers and other related activities that were demonstrated to 5 schools, 5 communities and 1 special school for the disadvantaged and disabled in Bangladesh in September-October 2005.




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